Martin Weiss


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I am a senior at Virginia Tech studying computer engineering with a focus in machine learning. I am currently enrolled in the accelerated M.S. program and will transition into a full time Master's student in January. It is my goal to conduct research in the areas where deep learning is being applied to life sciences such as drug development, oncology research, next generation sequencing, among other areas.

I am deeply interested in the field of machine learning and its evolving role in biotech and life sciences. My aspiration is to contribute to the discovery for cures for cancers and rare diseases, aided by deep learning.


Currently, I am working with Thermo Fisher Scientific as a Senior Data Science Intern supporting R&D for Clinical Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).

Previously, I worked as a Data Science Intern with Thermo Fisher Scientific supporting their ImmunoDiagnostics Division in Kalamazoo, Michigan, as well as a Data Science Intern with the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board in Washington D.C.


I have undertaken numerous personal projects that reflect my passion for music. As an avid listener, I embarked on an exciting endeavor to delve deep into my Spotify streaming history, recreating Spotify's annual Spotify Wrapped experience. Furthermore, I leveraged machine learning techniques to curate a personalized playlist based on my top songs. I also crafted a visually captivating grid showcasing my top streamed album covers.

My Resume